The student athletes share how their time of transition is going.

By Avery Giguere, Staff Writer

As the basketball season kicks off, both the men’s and women’s teams have welcomed four new freshmen to the team. As the freshmen work to transition from high school basketball to college basketball, one common change all eight freshmen have experienced during this transition is the pace of the game. Not only do they have faster players to work with and against; they also have a shot clock that makes the pace of the game faster than in high school.

Kladj Kiri explained that college basketball is a “fast paced tempo 24/7,” unlike what these players experienced in high school. 

With the season progressing, many are trying to find their place on the team and have explained that they are looking forward to seeing what the season brings. 

Dazia Drake explained that she is looking forward to working “110% everyday at practice.” Thomas Biddle added that he too is looking forward to working hard each day at practice but also figuring out his “role on the team.”

Both the men’s and women’s coaches and current team members were an essential part in the decision-making process for these 8 freshman. The connections the coaches and players made with the newcomers on and off the court were the main reason these players chose Huntington University.

It is a true testament to the coaching staff that the players were drawn into the program because of the team atmosphere. Many of the new players described the team as being a family. Maddy Robrock described the atmosphere of the gym as being positive and she could tell just by walking into the gym that “the girls and coaches were a huge family.”