This film is a sequel that exceeds expectations.

By Katie Sell, Staff Writer

During November I made a trip to the Huntington 7 to view the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep. Going into it, my expectations for the sequel were low due to the high success of the first film of the series: The Shining. More often than not, remakes and sequels to classics do very poorly as they have huge shoes to fill. 

Walking into the theatre, my thoughts were fortified as I discovered I was the only one there. Naturally, I kicked my feet up and had my phone in hand. However, to my surprise, I was hooked into the movie within the first 15 minutes. 

The overall plot of the film is quite alluring; it was a good balance of thrilling, disturbing, and horror. Both the protagonists and antagonists were charming and smart. The dynamics between them was probably the driving force that kept the film engaging.

I was also quite impressed with the cinematography and set design of this movie; it was very well done. Watching The Shining prior to this movie is a must, as it catches up with Jack Torrence’s son, Danny, years after the original story takes place. Plenty of easter eggs are scattered throughout the film, as well as extremely well done scene recreations from the original. Doctor Sleep does a wonderful job of continuing the initial Shining plot while introducing enthralling new elements. With a run time of 2 ½ hours, I wouldn’t necessarily watch this film again, but overall it exceeded expectations. I definitely recommend it.