Some HU students prepare themselves for J-term by familiarizing themselves with Indian cuisine.

By Sydni Wolpert, Staff Writer/Artist

Huntington University’s India J-Term team, lead by Dr. Alexander and his wife, Genevieve, recently took a trip to A Taste of India. The restaurant is a small, family-owned restaurant in Fort Wayne, and we visited to try some Indian dishes before our big trip. As a member of the India team, I have a personal confession: before last week, I had never tried Indian food. This is not uncommon, but my case is a bit unusual because I am planning to live in India during January. That being said, I figured it was overdue that I familiarize my tastebuds with Indian cuisine before I stepping foot on the continent of Asia. 

A Taste of India is buffet-style, with a generous spread of brightly-colored dishes. I was very nervous about the spice level, but tried to go for something spicy, just to see what I could handle. I ended up filling my plate with curry, chicken masala, a cheesy orange dish that I couldn’t quite pronounce, and bit of rice on the side. While intimidating in appearance, the spice levels were tolerably mild for all the dishes, and all of the food was very tasty! 

We drank the house’s milk tea, and some of my team members had a mango sauce for dessert, which was reported to be oddly flavorful and sweet. 

A Taste of India exceeded our expectations. While the spice level of the food seemed a bit Americanized, it was nevertheless delicious. The wait staff was very attentive, welcoming, and polite. They served endless naan bread, which was the best part of the meal, in my opinion. If you’re looking to experience Indian cuisine, A Taste of India lives up to its name.