I visited some local nail salons to find the best option.

By Avery Giguere, Staff Writer

This month, I had the opportunity to visit three nail salons in Huntington. One of the salons I visited was KT Nails LLC, which is located in the Huntington Plaza next to The Great Wall. I had visited this salon once before my visit this month and had a great experience. Both times I visited, I did not have a long wait and the total time I was there was less than an hour.

The workers there were friendly and talkative, and they made sure I was happy with my nails when they were finished. They were efficient enough to make sure they did not take too long, but they made sure my nails still looked great. They had plenty of color options and offered a number of services ranging from pedicures to acrylics to dip powder, and so much more.

The next salon on my list was Tips & Toes Nails located by Walmart and KFC. This salon was recommended by a number of my friends and it did not disappoint. Much like KT Nails, the wait was not long and the workers were very friendly. While I was there they were training a new worker, and had to stop doing my nails once or twice to help teach. I did not mind the pause since they were making sure the new worker was doing her job correctly. They were efficient and had a number of color options. 

The last nail salon on my list was The Nail Station, which is right next to Wings Etc. Before reviewing this salon, I asked a few people if they had ever been to The Nail Station, but I could not find anyone who had been there before because most individuals had either gone to KT Nails or Tips & Toes. I tried to go to The Nail Station two times and both times they turned me away. I asked if I needed to make an appointment and they said no, that they take walk-ins, but they never seemed to be able to take walk-ins. They were not kind when they turned me away; they were actually quite rude. 

If you ever have the opportunity to go to a nail salon in Huntington, I highly recommend KT Nails LLC or Tips & Toes Nails. Both places were friendly, time efficient, and offered a number of nail services with plenty of color options.