HUTC’s latest production kept the audience guessing and did not disappoint.

By Keila Funez, Staff Writer

From November 14th to the 16th, the Huntington University Theatre Company (HUTC) presented Angel Street (Gaslight) by Patrick Hamilton.

The story revolves around Bella Manningham, a loyal wife who is slowly driven insane by her husband, Jack Manningham. Things start to change when Inspector Rough visits Mrs. Manningham while her husband is out. He tells her a story that he believes is true: Mr. Manningham is a murder who is still wanted for a homicide he committed at the same house they currently live in. In order to stay out of danger, Mrs. Manningham must determine who she can trust: her husband or a stranger that claims to be an inspector.

As the story was unfolding, the more assumptions I made of the characters and the more I got into it. I could tell from the interactions between Mr. and Mrs. Manningham that something was off, but I could not tell what exactly it was until later. I suspected from other characters before suspecting of Ms. Manningham.

Once the Inspector showed up at the house, things started to make sense. Since I always expect stories to have unexpected plot twists, at some point I started suspecting from the inspector too, but it was not for that long. I was afraid that Mrs. Manningham’s attachment to her husband was going to prevent her from seeing the terrible truth, but she showed otherwise at the end.

Since I came to Huntington University in Spring 2018, I have attended to every play presented by the HUTC. What keeps me looking forward to each one of them is everyone’s hard work, which is reflected in the show. The cast, production/creative, the faculty & staff from the Department of Theatre Arts, and the crew members did an amazing job putting everything together.

HUTC exceeded my expectations once again. It is always worth looking forward to HUTC’s plays, and I plan on continuing to do so.