By Peyton Pitman, Staff Writer

Directions: Answer the questions below, keeping track of which letters you circle. The results will depend on which letter you circle the most.

1.) What name do you like the best?

A. Max
B. Jack
C. Michael
D. Kat
E. Marnie

2.) Are you a person who likes Halloween films?

A. I guess, but not scary ones.
B. I’m more of a Christmas movie kind of person.
D. Only cartoons, or kid-friendly Halloween films that I used to watch.
E. Only the classics.

3.) Pick a spooky season activity.

A. Pumpkin Carving
B. Decorating/shopping
C. Haunted houses
D. Putting on a costume
E. Trick-or-treating

4.) What item feels most like Halloween to you?

A. Witches
B. Skeletons
C. Horror films
D. Ghosts
E. Candy

5.) How likely are you to visit a “haunted house?”

A. Somewhat likely
B. Likely
C. Very likely
D. Not very likely
E. Never

6.) Pick a Halloween Candy.

A. Skittles
B. Reese’s
C. Candy corn
D. None of these.
E. All please.

7.) Pick a Halloween Movie Director.

A. Kenny Ortega
B. Henry Selick
C. John Carpenter
D. Brad Silberling
E. Duwayne Dunham

8.) What’s your favorite color?

A. Green
B. Black
C. Blue/Navy
D. Purple
E. Other

9.) Pick a movie genre.

A. Fantasy
B. Musical
C. Horror
D. Comedy
E. Adventure

10.) What’s the best Spooky Phrase?

A. I put a spell on you and now you’re mine.
B. I am the pumpkin king.
C. You know it’s Halloween. I guess everyone’s entitled to one good scare, huh?
D. You tricked me, you rotten little rats!
E. I mean, nobody around here really appreciates my taste in weird stuff.


If you circled mostly A’s, you belong in Hocus Pocus.

You probably don’t love all Halloween movies, nor is Halloween your favorite season. But, you probably cannot resist a good piece of candy, a few spooky traditions, and a good fantasy film. You definitely belong in Hocus Pocus. Plus, the set would be super fun!

If you circled mostly B’s, you belong in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sure, we can debate whether or not it’s a Halloween or Christmas movie. However, you most likely don’t care. You love it either way. It’s a music-filled, spooky treat for all of us. Halloween lovers. You would be a perfect fit for this film. How cool would it be to voice one of the characters?

If you circled mostly C’s, you belong in Halloween (1978).

You are a lover of all things spooky. You love horror flicks and haunted houses. You’re probably pretty brave too, at least when it comes to Halloween. You would be a great fit in this Michael Myers classic. What a thrill it would be!

If you circled mostly D’s, you belong in Casper.

You’re probably not a fan of creepy films or really anything creepy in general. Maybe you like the occasional scare, but you’re fine just sticking to the other holidays—and that’s okay! You would be a perfect fit for Casper though. Not only is it fun and quirky like you, but it would be a laidback film to be in.

If you circled mostly E’s, you belong in Halloweentown.

You like classic movies and traditional Halloween activities. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy super spooky things, you still appreciate the holiday. Maybe you’re a little odd but in a totally awesome and unique way. Way to stick to the originals! You would be a good fit for Halloweentown. The perfect set to be completely you in every way possible.