By Katie Sell, Staff Writer

For fall break I traveled to Chicago with ISC to do some sight-seeing and exploring in the windy city. Given that Chicago is one of the closest big cities to Huntington, I wanted to share parts of my adventure and give some recommendations as to where you could visit!  

Our first stop in Chitown was the famous Giordano’s Pizza, known for their stuffed deep-dish pizza. The group of us split a cheese, a veggie, and a meat lovers deep-dish — all of which would have alone made the long trip worth it. I suggest visiting the restaurant the earliest you can. It tends to get really busy as soon as noon hits given it is right in the heart of the city. Although it’s a bit more expensive than your average pizza place, you certainly get what you pay for.    

Photo by Katie Sell

My favorite part of the trip was going to Chinatown with Laura for some lunch and shopping. We stopped into Slurp Slurp Noodles for some ramen and dumplings, the service was really quick and friendly, and the food was really good as well. I highly recommend the pork and chive dumplings! 

After lunch we went to Chiu Quon Bakery to get some green tea tiramisu, which was really cheap and tasty. After food, we visited some local shops to pick up some dishware — there were a lot of unique and cute housewares for cheap (perfect for your dorm!). I also want to mention that there is a K-pop store that does sell pretty much anything you can think of with your favorite idol’s face slapped onto it.  

Lastly we ran into this interesting coffee shop on our way to the subway called Third Wave Coffee House and Roasters to keep us awake through the time change (ha).  If you want to know what makes it so interesting, you should go and check it out for yourself!