By Ella Doron, Staff Writer

We all get tired of eating in the DC every day, so why not find some ways to spice up the daily routine? I have compiled a list of some of HU students’ favorite drink combinations that can be made in the DC. Try some of these out for yourself, and maybe you will be inspired to make some concoctions of your own!

  • Cherry Bomb: lemonade, Mist Twist, and cherry syrup 
  • Limonada (in this order): lemonade, seltzer water, ice, lemonade, and more seltzer water 
  • Pepsi Twist: Pepsi and lemon syrup
  • Citrus Suicide: orange juice, mist twist, and lemonade
  • Super Juice: orange juice, apple juice, and cranberry Juice
  • Razzleade: lemonade and raspberry fuse tea
  • Fruit Float: sherbet and Mist Twist