By Juliet Wilson, Copy Editor

This week, a group of HU students is putting on a week-long event called Huntington Takes a Stand. In order to learn more about this project, I interviewed Ali Everett. She graciously agreed to tell me more about what the project is and how it was born.

In a class called Ministry Leadership, groups of students are asked to create an event that will bring spiritual growth to campus. Ali’s group consists of Alison Carpenter, Kayla Smith, Brock Perry and Sandra Haraguchi.

When I asked Ali how her group was fulfilling the assignment, she responded by stating that her group decided to do an event called “Take a Stand” through Destiny Rescue. For those who may not have come into contact with Destiny Rescue before, the organization exists to end child exploitation and slavery. 

Ali explained that “all of the group members are very passionate about fighting sex trafficking. We wanted a way to make campus aware and to do things that would reach a large part of campus.”

The group decided to make their event last for the whole week of October 28. Each night, there will be an event to raise awareness against sex-trafficking.

When I asked Ali about these events, she responded by stating:

“On Monday, October 28 at 9pm, we will be having a talk about the who, where, why, and how of trafficking in Longaker Recital Hall.

“Tuesday, October 29 at 9pm, we will have God’s Heart for Justice in Hiner Hall which includes a documentary and pizza.

“Wednesday, October 30 at 9pm we will have Dr. Alexander speaking about Pornography and Trafficking in Zurcher.

“Thursday, October 31 at 7pm we will be having a March for Justice. [We will be] meeting in Big Lots’ parking lot, we will be marching around Huntington and raising awareness with the red bandanas.

“Friday, November 1 at 9pm we will be having a worship night called Freed People Free People. This will last until 4am and will be a way that we can wrap up the week by lamenting the tragedy of trafficking but praising God for the ways that he is working through the freed people to free the others.”

If you’re passionate about ending sex-trafficking, please feel free to attend these events. There will also be opportunities to purchase t-shirts with the design pictured.