By Kennedi McCoy, Staff Writer

I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s trending this week on HU’s campus. Well, the report is in! Statement pieces and turtlenecks are trending right now. You may ask, “what are statement pieces?” Statement pieces are accessories or something within an outfit that pops out more than everything else you have on. 

There are some girls on campus that have stated rocking colorful ribbons in her hair and some people have started to wear colorful hats and headbands. Things like statement t-shirts also count. These things add some cool spice to an outfit. The more different, colorful, and out there it is, the better it is! 

Turtlenecks are big also right now for the fall weather. Not only are they cute on their own, but they also make for great layering pieces. Layering a turtleneck with a shirt, tank top, or even a crop top makes your turtleneck go from cute to super-fashionable in a second. This month, add flare to your outfit by throwing on something colorful and layer your turtlenecks.

This week’s campus fashion icon is Brianna Cannon. When asked how she comes up with her cute, eye-catching, trendy outfits, she answered: “I just wear what is comfortable. I choose a solid color usually and then I always want something that stands out …. Like shoes and jewelry . . . little things that will make the outfit better. Adding things like this that will pop in your outfits just makes it so much better and unique.” So, next time you’re choosing your outfit, take Brianna’s advice and choose something that’s comfortable and add accessories that will pop.