By Scott Wood, Staff Writer/Artist

Gemini Man is an enigma of a film. Never have I felt nothing from a movie experience before, but here I am. My friend and I went to see it thinking it would be fun; after all, a movie starring two Will Smiths directed by Ang Lee seems like a guaranteed recipe for so-bad-it’s-good filmmaking. Instead, I got an hour and a half of numbness. I felt no admiration for this movie, but I also felt no disgust either. It’s so… inexplicable. 

One of the things that immediately stood out to me was the way this film is presented. I saw this film in the director’s preferred format of 3D 120 Frames per second, but it made the film feel like a feature-length cutscene from a video game. The lackluster script, stilted dialogue and mediocre acting did not help with this assertion either. I will say this about the acting: Will Smith’s performance didn’t hold a candle to Will Smith’s.

Everything about this movie feels like it took the path of least resistance. It’s an action-comedy because people like those. It stars a female sidekick/love interest because people like those. It stars two Will Smiths because, in theory, people like those. This movie aims to only be liked, and it fell short of that modest target. In summary, I have never been inside a sensory deprivation tank, but I would be willing to bet the experience is similar to watching Gemini Man