Here’s a closer look at Huntington University’s little-known pre-law club.

By Juliet Wilson, Copy Editor

Many Foresters have not yet heard about Eunomia, Huntington University’s pre-law club. This is unfortunate because Eunomia could be the perfect fit for anyone who cares about justice, building communities, politics, and more. Here’s some good news, though: Eunomia isn’t a secret club, and you can join at any time!

Historically, Eunomia has put on several events throughout the year, including a spring debate and a few law school field trips. These events are tons of fun. The spring debate earns each of the four debaters one credit and allows them to have a great opportunity to hone their oral debating skills in front of an audience. 

In the past, Eunomia has visited law schools such as Notre Dame, University of Michigan, and IU McKinney. This semester, Eunomia is planning to visit Northwestern in Chicago. Law school field trips are guided by Dr. Webb, an amazing teacher-of-card-games who consistently chooses excellent places to eat.

This year, Eunomia is upping its game — if you were in the DC at the end of Sept., you probably saw the voter registration booth that was manned by student volunteers and volunteers from the community.

If you forgot to register, don’t fret — it isn’t too late! You can register to vote or update your information so that you can vote in Huntington if you’d like. If you are registered, don’t forget to vote in the local election between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Nov. 5.

If you want to be involved in Eunomia, look in the Coffey Break for our next meeting (we’ll meet in the History Lounge on the second floor of Loew-Brenn Hall!) or email