The players are cautiously excited for what is to come.

By Courtney McKown, Staff Writer

The Huntington University women’s soccer team kicked it off this year with three wins and five losses in the preseason. All those games prepared the girls for what is to come next: conference, where it really starts to matter. The girls were able to pull off three wonderful wins right away, but are now on a four-game losing streak. Momentum is important, but the girls are doing their absolute best to pull through for their conference games.

This year, the first conference game will be against Grace College. Last year ended in a loss for the HUWS team 3-0. This year, with the new coach, anything could happen. With only one devastating loss against Aquinas College, and too many close calls, these women are raring for a win. The team is growing stronger together and becoming closer than before. This new coach has lit a fire in their veins and it is about time for it to blow up in the best way. The players are cautiously excited for what is to come. They must keep their heads held high, thinking both optimistically and realistically.