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Angel Street: HUTC Reborn

While this is definitely a time of transition for the Huntington University Theatre Company, it seems to be on a healthy trajectory with a good lineup of shows for the coming season.

By Victor Fink, Staff Writer

This fall Huntington University Theatre Company, HUTC for short, will be putting on a thrilling melodramatic play by the name of Angel Street. Professor Ryan Long, the director of Angel Street, has recently filled the position of the former theatre professor, Jay Duffer. To start off this year, I asked a couple of students what their thoughts were regarding this fall’s play and the new staffing choice. 

Amanda, the actor who will be playing one of the leads, Nacy, felt that the themes of Angel Street were “deception, love, lust, and freedom.” Amanda looks forward to seeing the reactions from the audience as they watch the show, and she also wanted to make it clear she appreciates Prof. Ryan Long.

“I have more than enjoyed my experience with Ryan Long. Her insight on how even small things can be done in the show is amazing and her work with each of us on character details is fantastic,” stated Fielding. “I’m so glad to work with her as the director of my senior project.”

Professor Long has quickly gained the love and respect of her students and performers. Even the theatre technicians have good things to say about her and the production of Angel Street

Karissa Monson, the stage manager for the show, stated, “I’m looking forward to watching the whole thing come together.” She also gave a brief comment on Director Long, and said: “she’s great. It’s really nice to work with someone new, especially in my position because you keep getting to learn new things from new people.” 

The design team seemed to follow the same train of thought as well. Both Victor Fink, the sound designer, and EJ Hancock, the props master, felt that Director Long was “doing a good job,” and they both like her immensely. 

While this is definitely a time of transition for the HUTC, it seems to be on a healthy trajectory with a good lineup of shows for the coming season. The cast of Angel Street and Troupe will be performing this Fall: Troupe in October during Homecoming, and Angel Street in mid-November. This Spring we also have You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown coming to our very own black box theatre in the MCA. All in all, HUTC’s production of Angel Street seems it will be a fantastic production. Don’t forget to pick up tickets at the box office. 

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