Fall break is right at our doorstep. Behind it stands Olympiad, one of campus’s biggest events of the year.

By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer

Olympiad 2019 is coming to us in its four-day-weekend extravaganza from Oct. 24-27. Students will, once again, wear their designated colors and compete against others for bragging rights. Will this Olympiad be any different from past years? SAB coordinator Lauren Frischman, SAB says there are a few changes.

“SAB is always looking to add fun twists and turns to our event line up, so students can definitely expect new events to be added,” Frischman said. “In addition, students can continue to anticipate that our mystery event will be a fun surprise.”

When it comes to picking team colors, Frischman says that it would surprise students the amount of thought involved in coming up with them. SAB gave students the colors (pink, orange, blue and green) during the homecoming parade on Saturday, Oct. 5 at 10:00 a.m. and will announce team students are on during the championship powderpuff football game.

SAB hopes that the excitement they have had and the hard work they have put on planning Olympiad will transmit to students and that they can enjoy this event to its full capacity while leaving it all on the court, the stage, or the swimming pool.

“It’s fun to watch teams interacting and see friendships formed between people who might not have met if it hadn’t been for Olympiad.” Said Frischman, “I love Olympiad and it’s a privilege to be a part of it.”

An advice to freshmen: you do NOT want to miss Olympiad! There is an event for everyone, says Frischman, whether you are more of a sports person, or you love video games or are good at mental games, Olympiad has everything covered for students to showcase their abilities. Last year, 38 separate events, all across those four days, happened on campus. And even if you don’t feel like participating, there is always people cheering, dressing up and having fun with their teams. 

DRESS AND CHEER: Purple team from years before come up with a creative way to represent their team. (Photo provided by Huntington University’s Facebook)

Something that Frischman wants is to see as many students as possible involved in Olympiad this year. 

“The louder you cheer, the more you dress up, and the more you show up, the more fun it is.” Says Frischamn, “Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself or looking silly as that’s all apart of the experience.”