Here’s a group of people Christians can be praying for this month.

By Kennedi McCoy, Staff Writer

“Who Needs Prayer Around the World” is a new column that will focus on the many people and places around the world that are going through hardship and are in need of prayer. This month, the focus is on those who have become victims of ICE and are being held in detention centers. 

This article is not about changing a political belief, but simply caring more about others who are in some way being oppressed. Briana Cano explained that victims of ICE should be prayed for by imploring the reader to “imagine having your whole life stripped away from you in seconds. Going from seeing your parents and family daily to not knowing when or if you’re going to see them again.” The inhumane treatment of Hispanic immigrants at these detention centers is something unsettling. Children are being physically, mentally, and sexually abused. They are separated from their parents and are put in a situation that is traumatizing and unhealthy. 

Pray for these children and their families. Pray that God watches over them and that He is in the minds and spirits of those who are not only being detained but those who are doing the detaining as well. When you think about praying, remember we are all created in God’s image and deserving of prayer. A political or social belief should not be what guides our prayers. As brothers and sisters in Christ, it is our duty to bear the infirmities of the weak. Do not turn your back on your personal beliefs of immigration rights, but open your heart and spirit to pray that human beings are cared for as human beings, and that children are cared for in fairness with a moral aptitude.