Krull says he’s enjoyed watching HU students express their creativity.

By Jonathan Wagner, Staff Writer

Over the summer, Huntington University had a change in the honors program. Since the previous director, professor John Noble, left the school, a new director was chosen. Professor Jonathan Krull, a professor of philosophy, took over the position as director of the honors program.

Professor Krull has earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn. and has done graduate work at the University of South Carolina. He has been teaching since 2006 and has been teaching at Huntington since 2008.

In his time teaching, he has had multiple interesting experiences and walked away with a few interesting bits of information. One such discovery is about what happens when he catches people cheating.

“In my career,” Krull said, “when you confront them, every single guy has cried and no girls, none — they have been stone-cold negotiators.”

He has also particularly enjoyed great conversations he has been able to have with students in the classroom. Getting to see students grow and even go on to create a life for themselves outside of college has been a great source of joy for him. At Huntington specifically, he has enjoyed the freedom the school has allowed the students to express their creativity.

Over the summer, the previous director of the honor’s program decided to leave the school. Afterward, some of Professor Krull’s colleagues suggested that he should think about taking over the honors program. He was honored to be thought of so highly and his interest eventually led him to become the director of the honor’s program.

The process was not without troubles, as the amount of work was more than Professor Krull had realized. That came alongside the normal uncertainty felt when taking over a new position. It has, overall, gone well. He has been able to plan out the semester and is hopeful for the future.

Professor Krull said, “Hopefully what I can do with this is have you guys, people who are in the honors program, do a lot of input and then we can shape the program together.”