Here are three things to keep in mind as you plan your wardrobe this season.

By Laura Caicedo, Staff Writer

Sept. 21 marked the start of autumn, and we celebrate its festivities with apple cider, stepping on crunchy leaves and relishing in the warmness given to us until the cold of winter hits.

In fall, other things come to mind like, “What should I wear?” Some days are too cold for a light jacket and too warm for wearing layers. Well, we’ve got some tips for you to go on fall-mode while still dressed for it.

1. Colors

We all know fall colors: yellow, orange and darker shades of red and green. What about light purple, baby blue and pastel pink? Lighter colors are in this season because of the contrast that nature gives us. Think of it this way: a pistachio green top against the burnt orange leaves make a great contrast and is still fall-y.

2. Light sweaters vs jackets | pants vs skirts

Looking at the weather the night before and starting to brainstorm about what to wear the next day is very convenient. Too cold for only a sweater? Too hot for a jacket? Katie Sell, junior film major, says that even if it’s tricky to decide, a turtleneck and sheer tights can be a solution for every fashion problem. Turtlenecks come in different patterns and colors and are in tune with autumn. Sheer tights are perfect for wearing with a dress, skirt or even shorts and are still warm enough for the unknown weather changes that the day might bring.

3. Confidence

Fashion is all about confidence. Sophomore Kennedi McCoy says, “Do whatever you want and don’t hold back.” Yes, you can plan a whole outfit in your head, but if you start doubting it because of others, then you should start to think, “Who am I dressing for?” The answer is yourself! McCoy sees fashion as a way to express herself freely, so putting a limit to what you wear is only caging you.

Enjoying fall through fashion is a thing you can always do. You are telling a story and showing who you are as a person through clothes. Make the most out of this summer-winter mix in the few months we’ve got left.