It may have closed for the winter, but here’s why you can look forward to its return this spring.

By Courtney McKown, Staff Writer

Zesto’s finished up their season this year on Sept. 29. Zesto’s is an ice cream place located by Taco Bell that is only open seasonally. They sell ice cream, slushies, and smoothies. It’s a nice restaurant with only outdoor sitting and a drive-thru. This week, I went with my friend and we got smoothies, ice cream, and ice cream sandwiches.

JUST CHILLIN’: Local Sandra enjoyer her pineapple smoothie from Zesto’s. (Photo by Courtney McKown)

Instead of blizzards or mixers, Zesto’s has razzles. I got Oreos and peanut butter in mine. They do a nice job of putting the ingredients all throughout the ice cream instead of just piling them on top. My friend got a marshmallow razzle with brownies. Both of us were very pleased with our ice cream. It wasn’t too different from Dairy Queen or Culver’s, but it was closer to campus and still tasted great. The ice cream sandwiches had a lot more ice cream than chocolate, which I love.

While Zesto’s is an ice cream place, they have the absolute best smoothies I have ever had, with the exception of Smoothie King. They use real fruit and it’s delicious. They’re nothing like McDonald’s with the fake packaging and ingredients, or Starbucks where the smoothies are just not as good. I got myself a strawberry banana smoothie and my friend got a pineapple smoothie. We both absolutely loved them. 

Even though Zesto’s closed on September 29, it’s a great place to look forward to visiting next summer and at the beginning of the next school year. It is close to campus, has outdoor seating (which is great for the summertime), and has wonderful smoothies. I recommend this place once it opens again, mostly for the smoothies, but the ice cream is awesome too!