These three fashion statements are trending at HU right now.

By Kennedi McCoy, Staff Writer

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s trending at HU right now. Well, you’ve come to the right column! I have done some serious research around campus to calculate the top 3 trending fashion statements for the men and women on campus.

At number three we have high-waisted denim pants and shorts trending for women. The 90s is making a comeback, and it’s so affordable. High-waisted pants are so easy to find — just visit your local thrift store. The key and popular brands to look for are Levi, Wrigley and L.L Bean. These are very common in thrift stores and almost always high-waisted.

DENIM FOR DAYS: HU soccer players Abby and Lexi rock high-waisted skinny jeans and mom jeans. (Photo by Kennedi McCoy)

At number two we have a rather humorous trend: HU and merch from other colleges. Take time to look around campus and I guarantee you will see at least three people wearing merch from other schools. The top three schools are Huntington University, Purdue, and Indiana University. If you want to keep up with this trend, go to the bookstore, which is temporarily located in the library. Look out for their sales or use your forester bucks to buy a sweatshirt for the fall weather coming up.

At number one we have statement sneakers. This semester, sneakers seems to be very popular — but not just any sneakers! Statement sneakers stand out. They are often colorful, custom and unique. Keeping up with this trend can break the bank for us college students. I recommend air force ones or canvas shoes like converse and vans.

This month our unique styled student is an HU freshman named Micah. He has a very 90s skater/hipster vibe. When asked how he comes up with his look, he explained, “I’m trying to think of a good answer because I kinda feel I just grab whatever I think would look good together. I don’t like attempt to copy another person I just enjoy something different, ya know?”

FRESH, MAN: HU freshman Micah sports his unique look on the mall. (Photo by Kennedi McCoy)

That is how the genius of Micah’s looks come together. Thanks for reading HU trending! Tune in next paper to see what’s new and trending for fall!