The one part about college that many professors try and forget is that students don’t always put 100 percent of their effort into their schoolwork, and HU students are no exception. From arriving late to class to not doing an assignment, the excuses for these predicaments can range from cliché to downright hilarious.

“Honestly, I don’t think I get crazy excuses very often,” said Rebekah Benjamin, associate professor of psychology. “It’s usually just boring stuff like ‘my alarm didn’t go off.’”

She went on to say that she has had a few students claim that they were late to her class because they had to pick up some lunch first.

“It’s not really an ‘excuse’ as much as just a statement that says ‘I preferred lunch to getting to your class on time,’” she said.

Benjamin added that she is sympathetic to those types of excuses.But Dwight Brautigam,  a professor of European History said the worst excuse he has ever gotten was less amusing.

“The worst excuse I ever got from a student for not doing his homework was this … ‘I was playing video games for 6 hours,’” Brautigam said.

He explained that this particular excuse had to be the worst one yet, and the student ended up not doing too well in that class.

When asked for their thoughts on the matter, most HU students wished to remain anonymous.

“Well, I think maybe the worst excuse — or at least the most embarrassing excuse — I have ever gave was when I told a teacher that I was failing her class because I had went through a bad breakup,” said an anonymous junior. “This was partly true, but really I just wasn’t studying and stuff.”

Another HU student recalled a story from their past:

“This is one from my high-school, and it’s a little embarrassing. But one time I was taking a test in Spanish class — I was the last one in there — and we had a substitute that day. Another Spanish teacher from my school that I had the previous year was in the class too. I couldn’t remember anything on the test, and I actually started crying!”

The student laughed and said that the other Spanish teacher caught her crying and questioned her about it.

“I said, through my tears, ‘I’m sorry I don’t know anything on the test. I feel so bad, and I should’ve studied harder.’ But in all honesty, I wasn’t crying because I didn’t know anything for the test. I was crying because she scared me as a teacher, and I couldn’t tell her that I was afraid of her and her reaction to my lack of knowledge about Spanish.”

Although everyone has made up excuses one time or another, HU students sure have some creative and funny ways to tell their teachers why they missed an assignment or a class. At least the excuses seem to be a little bit better than the classic “my dog ate my homework.” We have that to be thankful for.