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Summer is coming. The skies are blue, the sun is shining, the flowers have bloomed, and your pockets are empty. During the school year, it’s hard to balance classes with jobs, homework and relationships, so here are some cool summer jobs to keep your wallet filled and your stress levels down low.

  1. Car services

One of the great things about the age we live in is the fact that everyone is lazy or extremely busy, and we can profit off of that. Signing up to be a Uber driver or Lyft driver is a little risky being a young college student, but signing up to be a Postmates driver or Doordash driver is simple and easy. It also helps a lot that you get to work whenever you want to or whenever your schedule allows it.

  1. Lifeguarding

If you are CPR certified or have a lifeguarding license, this it the perfect time to apply for those types of jobs. Whether you apply to be a deck attendant or a guard, lifeguards are always in demand each summer.

  1. Golf caddying

If you are truly feeling the High School Musical vibes, you can apply to be a golf caddy. This is a little sought-out job, but most golf courses hire college students just for the summer and pay a decent amount. They hire for their busiest times, which is usually the summers.

  1. Tutoring

Another little-remembered market in the summer is tutoring. Whether you seek to be employed by a company or decide to ask around for a more informal position, there are always parents looking for a tutor in the summer to get their kids caught up. It is a simple and (mostly) easy task if you are blessed with the ability to teach.

  1. Working at kids’ camps

Campgrounds also hire many college students every summer. Positions ranging from counselors to guides and cooks will be available this summer and will need to be filled in large quantities.