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Seventeen is a K-pop group that is a part of Pledis Entertainment. They are a group with 13 members. They originally started with 17 members before their debut but lost four after they had already created their name. Now, Seventeen vocalist Joshua Hong explains that they are called “Seventeen” since there’s “thirteen members, three units, and we’re one team. So 13 plus three plus one equals 17.”

Seventeen is composed of three separate units: Performance Unit, Vocal Unit, and Hip-Hop Unit. The Performance Unit is composed of Hoshi, the leader, Jun, The8 and Dino. It centers around dancing to original songs.

The Vocal Unit consists of Woozi (the leader), Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan. Their songs are usually ballads or songs that are sung by the strongest vocals in the group.

Finally, in the Hip-Hop Unit, there’s S-Coups (the leader), Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon. This unit has members who specialize in rapping. However, even though Seventeen has three separate units, they truly are one unified group. Many of their title songs have choreography that goes along with it, and it is performed by every member.

While I love ever member of this group, I have narrowed it down to three favorites. My first favorite (my “bias,” in K-pop terminology) is Yoon Jeonghan. My second favorite is Hoshi, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan, Wonwoo and Mingyu. Finally, my third favorite is Jun, The8, Dino, Joshua, S-Coups and Vernon.

Jeonghan has a personality that the other members have deemed the “mom” of the group. He cares for the other members and makes sure that they are healthy and happy. Carats (which is Seventeen’s fanbase) have also taken to calling Jeonghan a “trickster” because he tends to cheat in most of the games they play. Most of the time it is simply to lighten the mood and make sure everyone is having fun.

Seventeen has also released many albums and title songs that have music videos along with them. “Mansae” is a great music video from their earlier days; it’s a fun song that captures Seventeen’s energy as a whole. I really like “Getting Closer” because it shows a completely different side of Seventeen that you don’t get to see in any other song they perform. I love the style they have in “Call Call Call;” it’s one of my favorites looks of any music video. Their music video “Clap” combines a lot of the other songs they do hidden within the video; it’s a very neat concept.

They have also composed many choreographies to go along with the songs. In addition to the choreography of my favorite music videos, I like “Crazy In Love” because it really shows the variety that they are able to have with a group of 13 members. Even though they are all doing similar motions, it gives off a completely different vibe depending on who you’re focus is on.

“Don’t Wanna Cry” is the first dance practice I saw that really showed me what it meant when people said that Seventeen was the “king of synchronization.” Their moves are perfectly orchestrated and executed beautifully. The choreography for “Home” really showed me the versatility that they were able to show. There’s some popping but also more contemporary moves in the song that the members perform perfectly.

A few honorable mentions include the songs “Fast Pace,” “Shhh,” “Flower” and “Trauma.” These songs are ones that I simply enjoy listening to. “Flower” and “Fast Pace” have choreography, although it is nothing special. I still love them, but the songs themselves are why I love them. “Shhh” and “Trauma” do not have any choreography. They are just great songs.