Photo caption: (From left to right) Dr. Nalliah, Dr. Babb, Isaac Hatch, Alana Bates, Juliet Wilson, Trent Yentes, Jennifer Pearcy, and Giovanni Martinez Martini pose for a photo at the 2019 Alpha Chi National Convention.

On April 4, six brave HU students set out for Cleveland to attend the Alpha Chi National Convention. Although no one was particularly excited to be leaving for Ohio with rain in the forecast — last year’s event was in Portland, Oregon — each student who responded voiced the opinion that the trip was a good experience.

Five of the students who attended presented their research in front of students and professors from all over the country. Jennifer Pearcy presented her research on military couples, and Alana Bates presented her research about diplomacy in colonial America.

Trent Yentes presented his work entitled “George Washington on The Founding of The United States.” Yentes was named as an alternate for the Alpha Chi National Scholarship and received the presentation prize for the history category. Yentes stated that his favorite part of the convention was either seeing what people from other schools are doing or eating Ethiopian food.

Juliet Wilson presented her work entitled “People v. Turner: Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses.” Wilson received the Alpha Chi National Scholarship as well as an Alpha Chi regional scholarship for her work. Wilson stated that her favorite part of the trip was listening to other students present their work. She also appreciated the scholarships and free food.

Isaac Hatch presented his work entitled “Challenges Faced by Arabic-Speaking ELLs.” In an email interview, Hatch also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to see what Alpha Chi students and alumni from across the country are doing and listen to their presentations. Hatch noted that the trip was a great opportunity to build friendships and gain a better understanding of Alpha Chi as an organization.

The president of Alpha Chi, Giovanni Martinez Martini, was also in attendance and provided essential moral support for the group. Faculty sponsors Dr. Babb and Dr. Nalliah should have received awards for driving in the city and listening to endless word games along the way.