One of the latest horror movies to come out this season is the new screen adaptation for Stephen King’s classic novel Pet Sematary. The book also has a 1989 film by the same name, which has garnered a lot of fan love over the years. I set out to see this new and revamped version (which came out April 5) to discover how well they did with this one.

Going in, I’d never seen the original or read the book, so I was judging this one as its own movie without any surrounding hype. The premise is nothing new: A family of four moves to a new house in the middle of the woods to discover they stepped into something horrifying. Instead of a ghost or serial killer, they find a cursed place that can bring the dead back to life.

The problem with this place is that they never come back the same. This concept is creepy enough to build off, but this movie suffers from not being very creative. They don’t really explore the concept of being brought back from the grave, which is the most interesting part of the film. Instead, we follow the family and their relationships for most of the movie, with small pockets of horror thrown in here and there, but the real action starts in the final act.

It picks up after that, but the first two parts of Pet Sematary are slow and, dare I say it, boring. However, to its credit, the little bits of horror they put in there are very scary. I’m not too proud to admit there are parts where I have no idea what happened because I was covering my eyes. The issue is those scary parts are few and far between, leaving a lot of dead space that shuffles us to the climax.

I wouldn’t recommend Pet Sematary unless you’re a diehard Stephen King fan. If you’re really in the mood for horror, go see Jordan Peele’s Us instead.