By Hannah Taylor

As the sun starts to set on my freshman year at Huntington University, I’ve been reflecting on how far I’ve come in these two short semesters. Just one year at HU has made me grow as a student and a person. It has also taught me a lot of in valuable life lessons, many of which I never knew I needed to learn.

Although some Huntington University wisdom has to be experienced, here is a list of a few things that I’ve learned the hard way. Hopefully this list will educate or connect with other newbies.

  1. The dc is a place to foster creativity in the culinary arts.

You will learn real fast what your body accepts or doesn’t except and how to use what you can get to create your own personal menu.

  1. Getting enough chapel credits is possible.

As big as 30 sounds at the beginning of the semester, it’s doable if you make a strong effort in the beginning. Most likely, the beginning of the semester is going to be the most calm time of the year, so take advantage of the minimal stress and go to all the chapels you can, both at 10 am and the elective ones.

  1. Thirty degrees is not that cold.

Maybe this was only a new lesson for those who don’t live in Indiana. After experiencing -50 degree windchill, my perspective on “cold” has changed. Thirty degrees might as well be shorts and sandal weather after this past January.

  1. The campus is small.

As a new freshman, the campus seemed so big. I thought had to leave 20 minutes early to get to every class. It didn’t take long to realize I can get up, get ready, and be in class in 20 minutes tops.

  1. Lake Sno-tip is a mysterious body of water that no one really understands.

From quick glances in it while passing it this year, I was surprised at all that I saw: a banana, butchered pumpkin, a shoe and a bike are just among a few of the mysterious objects found in the portal that is Lake Sno-tip.