This month, I decided that I was going to review a couple burger places: Rusty Dog, the Berg and Nick’s Kitchen, all three of which were recommended to me by other students.

Unfortunately, although I have heard great things about the Berg, I was unable to go there since it was closed each time I went. But the Rusty Dog and Nick’s Kitchen were both very good recommendations.

I had already been to Nick’s Kitchen when reviewing breakfast foods and was pleased with the food I ate. This time, I went for its burger, fries, and mozzarella sticks. At the Rusty Dog, I got a burger, fries, and salad.

Nick's Kitchen.JPG

Nick’s Kitchen had a very café-like feel to it. There’s a diner where you can sit, as well as booths and tables scattered around the restaurant. The waitstaff was very kind and efficient at their jobs. The wait for food was not long, either. I was slightly apprehensive about the burger here beforehand, but it turned out to be very good.

A positive to Nick’s Kitchen is that it is much cheaper than the Rusty Dog. The fries were not my favorite, but I still ate all of them. I decided to get mozzarella sticks here and I don’t regret my choice at all. They were very delicious.

Rusty Dog.JPGRusty Dog Irish Pub is more fancy than Nick’s Kitchen. It is obviously a pub as well. When walking into the restaurant, we accidentally went through the wrong entrance, then had to go back outside to get to the family room, which has no bar.

The menu itself is quite overwhelming, as it isn’t clearly defined and a bit difficult to read. The waitstaff also seemed to be focused more on the bar side than the restaurant. But the food itself made up for all of that. The beef was thick and juicy, perfect for a burger. The salad had a very complementary dressing that was delectable. Yet again, the fries weren’t my favorite but still nicely cooked and good to eat.

Overall, you will feel full and satisfied no matter which place you visit for a burger. Nick’s Kitchen and Rusty Dog Irish Pub each have their own charm and various aspects that make them unique. Nick’s Kitchen had a homier atmosphere with cheaper food and superb service. The Rusty Dog Irish Pub felt more formal but with high quality food. Both places had me feeling happy with my meal.

You can’t go wrong with a burger in Huntington.