Photo Credit: HU Sports Softball home page

This year, the Huntington University women’s softball team has been preparing for their season rigorously. During spring break, while most people where getting their tan on vacation, the softball team was scrimmaging and devoting themselves to the field.

Over their break, they were able to take a trip to Arizona as a team. During that time, they had two games every day. Afterwards, they would bond as a team, doing various activities such as hanging out by the pool or playing cards. At night, they typically had devotions with the team. A few times, there were hikes or different things.

As far as this season has been going, the chemistry between the girls seems to have increased compared to previous years. Before, during, and after games, they always work well together and enjoy each other’s presence. There are friendships that are made on sports teams that couldn’t be forged any other way. Best friends occur because of these teams. They are able to get to know one another as teammates, then later as lasting friends who will do anything for each other.

This season will look different compared to the previous ones because of the chemistry. The bond that is formed in sports cannot be faked or glazed over. In team sports, it is essential that you are able to play well with one another and get along outside of practices and games. A team is made up of its players and how well they are able to read each other and play off each other. They bleed, sweat and cry together, but most importantly, they grow together. On and off the team, they are by each other’s side.

With their spring break having been nonstop softball and bonding, this season will be a great chapter of growth for the HU women’s softball team.