The HU symphonic band during their fall performance. Photo Credit: the HU music department

By Sydni Wolpert

The Huntington University Symphonic Band will be presenting their spring concert on Tuesday, April 30 in Zurcher Auditorium. The performance will mark the third symphonic band concert of the academic school year, following their two other well-executed presentations of music this past winter and fall.

The upcoming show is met with anticipation from those who follow the band.

“I’m really excited to go to the spring concert,” said freshman film major Mia Splendore. “A few of my friends play in the symphonic band, and I haven’t been to any of their concerts yet, so I’m ready to go and support them while enjoying a night of live music!”

The ensemble is under the direction of Bryan Ringo. Ringo is a full-time middle school choir director at Crestview Middle School and just recently accepted a position in Huntington University’s music department. This is his first year directing the symphonic band, and many of the band members would agree that he is doing a fabulous job.

Under his direction, members are pushed to grow both musically and technically. Ringo strategically chooses a selection of concert pieces that are interesting for both the musician and the audience. Reports say that our own Sherilyn Emberton was impressed by the winter concert that the symphonic band put on and encouraged staff members to come and hear the ensemble play.

The band will be playing a refreshing variety of old and new pieces, including works by Percy Grainger, “Jupiter” by Gustav Holst, “The Great Steamboat Race” by Robert W. Smith, an arrangement of “The Impossible Dream” from the 1965 Broadway musical Man of La Mancha, “An American Elegy” by Frank Ticheli, and many more.

The concert is free and open to the public. If you’re free on April 30 and looking for an evening of stellar entertainment, consider attending the Huntington University Symphonic Band 2019 spring concert.

You will not be disappointed.