Photo Credit: Artyom Dogtiev

Are you an HU student who loves playing Pokémon Go? If you answered yes, then you are in luck. A couple of HU students host a club dedicated to all things Pokémon. I talked with Tyler Brown, a member of the club, to get the details.

“The Pokémon Club is a club where we sometimes chill and play Pokémon Go, including going out to do raids and battle in gyms,” Brown said.

He expressed his interest in the group and recalled the specific moments he enjoys best when it comes to being apart of this HU club.

“My favorite thing has to be doing raids with other friends,” he said. “It’s great to get legendary and mythical Pokémon.”

Although the group loves being able to meet frequently, Brown says that it all just depends on the number of students willing to participate at any given time.

“We usually meet up if we have enough people, so how often we go out and do stuff really depends on the season,” he said.

The players are always looking for new people to join the group, especially when they are low in members during specific parts of the year. The group travels to different Pokéstops on campus together while also attempting to catch rare Pokémon as Brown said.

If you’re a student here at HU who enjoys the mobile game or if you wish to learn more about it, many members across campus are willing to help you get started in the club. Although the game may have been a fad to some, these HU students do not intend on stopping or quitting the group anytime soon.

For more information on Pokémon Club, you can talk to student Tyler Brown or to one of the other frequent group attendees, Colton Sprunger.