Wright 3rd is a mysterious place with many traditions, which people have many questions about, such as: Why do they always sit at the same table? Why do they always clap? And why do I always join?

“Wright 3rd is a place where a community is emphasized in order to bring about an inclusive, inviting, and an interesting group of people together who can eat, relax, make jokes, and be part of a cooking show for fun, and overall just have someone to sit with,” said Nathan Fosnough. “Wright 3rd welcomes people from any floor all the time and love having new people drop in and say hi. It came to be as of last year. Some of the juniors on the floor decided that meal times were meant to be a social place in which people could enjoy the company of others despite the quality of food, good or bad. Like Jesus lounged and ate with his disciples, so too do we aspire to model his example.”

One day, my friends and I decided to check it out. We sat at their table for dinner, and they were all so welcoming. The community they have built was shown through their interactions with us Hardy-Roush girls.

While we were there, we competed in the Creative Cookins and Creative Concoctions competition. This is a competition show they created where people make food concoctions and compete. This season is about the elements. I cut up an apple, dipped it in melted chocolate and chocolate chips and crushed Oreos; it looked like dirt. Then, to add some spice (literally and figuratively), I added a drizzle of hot sauce around the place and an ice cube on top. It was very aesthetic.

This table is full of creativity and community and a great addition to Huntington University’s figurative platter.