We have officially entered into freshman film season in the DMA department with the different projects going into production soon. This is very exciting for all the freshman with greenlit films who have been working hard to get these projects off the ground.

There are four different productions, and the entire freshman class is split among them, each freshman holding different responsibilities in each production. What makes these four short films unique is that they are all required to have only five lines of dialogue or less, a challenge that forces young filmmakers out of their comfort zone.

One of the projects is“iHeart,” a story about a selfish man trying to atone by giving things to a reluctant homeless man, set in a world where phones power people’s hearts. Another is “At Peace,” a story about a desperate man on the verge of giving up when he decides to follow a strange robot wandering into the woods.

“Knotted” is another story about the relationship between two children as they grow up and grow apart, and it is told only by showing their hands. The last is “Cents of Morality,” a story about a coin that keeps coming back to someone every time they spend it.

The freshman is very excited to finally be working on their own films.

As freshmen, we are mostly restricted to smaller, still important, roles on other sets,” said Nate Meyer, a freshman working on “At Peace.” “We haven’t really gotten to make big decisions on films, so that will be new — hopefully fun — experience!”

As happy as everyone is to be starting these projects, it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing. Bek Karp, director of “Knotted,” said she has had problems managing expectations with the limitations of being a young student filmmaker. With only a $50 budget and limited access to the school’s equipment, there’s only so much you can do, she said.

“We have to stay in the realm of what was possible,” said Karp. “We needed to stay artistic and still remember what we’re capable of.”

The students are enthusiastic about their projects, and the school can’t wait to see what they come up with.