Summer 2019 is quickly approaching, and now is the best time to get a job because you have the most time on your hands. There are many jobs you could apply for.

You could apply to work at a summer camp.

“I think all camps are really great,” said Sarah Warner. “They don’t pay a lot of money, but they offer things like friendship. I would always ask God to help find a place where the barrier between Heaven and Earth feels nonexistent, and I found that at camps. Your only goal/job is to give everything you can to kids. It’s simple and rewarding. It’s nice to be gone for a summer and give and to be selfless.”

Like she said, this job can be extremely rewarding, so if that’s what you’re looking for in a summer job, now is the time to apply!

If you have the right requirements, you could work as a lifeguard! This job pays good money, but most importantly, you’ll get a good tan. This could also be intrinsically rewarding because you’re serving others by making sure they’re safe.

“Being a lifeguard this summer is a cool summer job because you get paid to get tan,” said Hannah Taylor, who worked at a pool in Louisville, Kentucky. “Typically, the job comes with a lot of free time to read or just do whatever, although the kids and parents can be annoying sometimes. Once you take the classes and get certified, it’s a pretty laid-back job.”

There are also the casual local businesses such as shoe stores, fast food joints and restaurants for waitering — or even summer internships. Find something you’re interested in. If you like shoes, apply to work at a shoe store. Apply to that internship — you never know where it will lead. These four years go by quickly, and you won’t get summers like these much longer, so take this time and make the most of it.