Between Becker, Loew-Brenn and the Science Hall, Huntington University has some awesome buildings. They all have their different upsides as well as some petty downsides that make them unique.

When it comes to deciding which one comes out on top, there are different aspects to consider. They are different ages and have different layouts, and whatever building has most of the classes for your major is probably going to be your favorite.

According to film production majors Rebekah Karp, Hannah Taylor, and Isaac Hanigan, Becker is by far the coolest. It’s the oldest building, giving it a lot of cool sounds. The wind and rain sounds carry through the building and give it a haunted-but-in-a-good-way type of feel. The architecture is also amazing, not to mention the movie theatre screening room students frequently take advantage of.

However, according to computer science major Ani Weitzel, Becker has nothing on the Science Hall. As the most modern of the three buildings, the Science Hall has a completely different feel from the others. High ceilings, a glass elevator, and a chic fountain all give this building a special edge against the others. And we haven’t even talked about the baby chameleons yet!

And then we have poor, sweet Loew-Brenn. This building is HU’s academic underdog, lacking a low of the glitz and glamour that the other two have. But what Loew-Brenn lacks in beauty, it makes up for in functionality. It houses the education, literature and history departments as well as the very comfortable commuter lounge. Ranking these buildings against each other is impossible considering everyone has their own take on which one is the best, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

Which building is your favorite?