As you walk into the library, you will see different students scattered around the first floor. A student-worker will greet you warmly from the front desk as you pass in front of them to take the stairs up to the second floor. As you open the door, you will find, to your right, workers with fluorescent green hoodies building what is the soon-to-be ACE and Writing Center’s new headquarters.

“This is really good for both departments,” said Anita Gray, RichLyn library director.

A couple years ago, she started doing some research about the collaboration and cooperation between writing centers and libraries and said it seemed like a smart thing to unite the library with these two other helpful departments on campus.

“In the library, you can do your research and start writing your paper,” Gray said, “and having the Writing Center here, and ACE also, will be helpful to students to do research and do their other work.”

Although the decision to move took a little bit of talking, the workers of the ACE and writing center were interested in the benefits the new location will have for students.

ACE and the Writing Center will give their keys of their old Loew Brenn office to the ministry and missions department.

Gray says that this new space will, hopefully, be ready to start by fall since there is a lot of moving out to do.

“The library is a helping place,” Gray said. “Our desire here is to help students with their research, with their studies, and to provide a good place for them.”

When asked if she thought this new addition will bring more people to the library, she said: “I don’t know … but I hope so.”