Hardy Hall is known for many abstract traditions, such as the Ring Down, Hardy Formal and even having their own spirit week. Hands down, one of their most unique traditions is the Hardy Underwear.

You may be asking yourself: what is the Hardy Underwear? The Hardy Underwear is a pair of Victorious Secret underwear that has the phrase “No Boyfriend No Problem” stamped on the back of them. The underwear is passed on from the latest heartbroken Hardy girl to the next newly-found single gal.

In the past, they have not been given a ceremony, but this year, that changed. The underwear creates new traditions. This year, the underwear has been passed on twice. The ceremony consists of throwing pumpkins in Lake Snowtip, to flushing toilet paper adorned with negative feelings down the drain (where all the feelings truly belong).

Some girls on the floor gathered late in the evening and headed to Snowtip and stood in a circle (very cult-like, I know, but it’s not). They took a pumpkin out and cut a hole in it. The freshly-single girl put some pictures and trinkets in the pumpkin and chucked it into the lake.

The other ceremony happened actually happened in the bathroom. The girl was given a piece of toilet paper and asked to write everything she felt. Then, when done, she was asked to flush it.

While these may sound like weird experiences to create, they are full of community, which Hardy Hall gladly embraces. I think this underwear really embraces the quote “empowered women empower women.” Each ceremony is liberating, and each girl gets to pass that on.

This has brought many girls together and helped them get through some hard times, but be careful boys — some girls say this underwear is in high demand. I may have even been told that someone would break up with their boyfriend for the underwear.