This year, the Huntington University women’s soccer team is undergoing an interesting transition time. The head coach, Amanda Burge, has received a calling from God to continue ministering in Mexico. Her decision was made upon an act of faith. Unfortunately, it has left the team without a coach as of yet.

Although there have been interviews for the available position, there is not a concrete answer concerning who will be the next coach during the upcoming fall season. For the juniors, this situation is similar to the one they faced as freshmen. They all signed to Huntington expecting Coach Tillet, but Coach Burge is who they played for.

Hannah Williams describes this time as “different because I’m now in a leadership role, and I need to make sure that the rest of my team is excited about this new opportunity.”

Her goal is to make this transitional time from coach to coach as seamless as possible. She hopes to diminish any fear and anxiety that incoming freshman or underclassmen may feel during this time. Although it is unfortunate that Williams and her fellow seniors will be put in this position during their final year of school, Williams has placed her priorities in those who will feel uneasy with the transition.

Bailey O’Dell voiced similar thoughts about the coaching changes. She is less worried facing it this time.

“I already know who our family is, and I know the dynamics of our love for each other,” she says.

Her worries concern the indecision of the new coach. As far as knowledge goes, all the players are in a state of indecision. While she says she is excited to learn from a new coach, she says she is placing her “truth in the Lord that it will all work out and He will bring the coach who is supposed to be here with our team.”

During this time of transition and confusion, the juniors on the team like Williams and O’Dell have already shown their ability to lead and relate to their teammates. Even though there are so many things up in the air at the time, the juniors have played their role as stable leaders as Christians. No matter who the next coach is, Coach Amanda has taught her past team how to be leaders, and it is really beginning to show.  – 2018-2019 [picture from Facebook Group]