Paranoia? Is that when you eat mysterious DC meat and wait for the consequences? Well, maybe, but this “Paranoia” is a week-long game between the boys of Wright Hall and the girls of Hardy Hall.

The game starts with separate meetings for the girls and boys at the beginning of the week, during which they draw the name of someone from the opposing hall. Their goal is to try to stick that tag on the person, but in the meantime, they also have to be careful not to get tagged out by the person who has their name. Neither party knows who has their name, so they are constantly on edge.

There are a few rules to this game, though. For example you can’t get tagged inside your own dorm, but most things are fair game, which makes for an exciting week.

Based on former players insights, I’ve gathered that there are three key things that will help you go far in this game. They are strategy, alliances and just dedication to the game.

“It’s a great bonding game between Hardy and Wright that starts by dividing us but then leads to fun memories together,” said Hardy Hall resident Maddy Glinz.

Students from both dorms eagerly await this week as a time to bond with each other over a thrilling competition that brings the halls, connected by Wright Lounge, even closer together. The dorm with the most people still in the game at the end of the week (based on ratios) wins! This year, Paranoia will begin on April 7. Whether you are involved in the game or just a watcher, this week is sure to be full of good competition and good fun.


Photo by Maddy Glinz of Molly Mitchell running to safety during Paranoia 2018.