This season is known as the part of the year when couples in their freshman year of college break up around Thanksgiving. It is not limited to couples attending the same university; it also includes couples attending different universities. It would be stereotyping to say that every freshman in a relationship falls victim of it. You can find numerous couples in their sophomore, junior, and senior years who have survived this season.

“I honestly hadn’t heard it called that until after Thanksgiving!” said Sean Eitniear.. “I knew a lot about freshman mating season though and mostly thought a lot of those cases were people who’d started dating without spending enough time knowing the other person.”

He and his girlfriend, Chloe Jacobson, are in their sophomore year and have been dating for one year now.  Most of the time, turkey drop is only known after the season has passed, although the reasons behind the breakups depend on each couple.

Jacobson had some advice to offer current HU freshman.

“Aim to be friends before rushing into a relationship,” she said.. “If you can’t be friends with a guy, you aren’t ready to date him. You’ll also know the person better before making a rash decision and can spend time praying about it.”

Rushing into a relationship isn’t the only cause of the turkey drop, though. Distance also affects couples.

“It seems that a lot of couples who go to different schools are back with each other and no longer feel the same connection, which I think is probably due to people changing and growing in different directions,” said Addalyn Brown, a junior elementary and special education major with TESOL certification.

Brown dated for over four years and recently got married this past July.

“A lot of people were negative about how young we are,” she said, “but our goal isn’t to please people, but to please the Lord, and we believe this was part of his plan for us, and we couldn’t be happier about it.”

Like Jacobson, Brown also has advice for younger students looking to get into a serious relationship.

“Embrace your significant other’s change as long as it is change for the better (growth) and choose to love them through the hard times,” Brown said. “It’s not easy, but I think that’s the way to love like Christ loves us.”

Freshman couples, let your future be in God’s hand, and let His will be done.