Craving some Latin-inspired food? Norm’s Place brought back the Latin-inspired food this fall semester! It is located in upper HUB next to Mondo Subs.

Every year, Norm’s Place has a different theme in Sono, unlike Mondo, where you can always get a sandwich or a wrap.

“It is a good advantage for those who want something different from DC food and sandwiches,” said Danielle Boxill, an animation student who eats at Sono once a week and enjoys the chips. “It is sad for those who enjoy the food [when] the place is changed. At least it gives a change-up. People will have something else to look for.”

Huntington University usually sends a survey during breaks to let students choose a theme for Sono for the next semester. This gives students the liberty to vote for what they want to eat.

Currently, the food at Sono is inspired by different cooking styles and ingredients from Latin America. From the menu you can choose a burrito, burrito bowl or two tacos as an entreé along with a side of your choice and a fountain beverage or bottled water with your meal swipe.

“It is good for those who are not used to Hispanic or Latin food,” said Sunanda Thompson. “It will not be the same experience of eating actual Latin food, but at least you have the experience on eating food inspired by it.”

“I don’t get to eat from it since I’m not in the meal plan,” said Alana Bates, an animation student, “but when we had it semesters ago, it was good.”

When the students were asked about the service Sono provided, they had good comments about it.

“The service is pretty fast, and they are really friendly,” said Boxill. 

Whether you can’t eat at the DC or prefer to eat at the HUB, Sono is always a good place to grab a meal before you hang out with your friends in the upper HUB.