SAB (Student Activities Board) comes back again with their 25th Olympiad, a very much anticipated weekend with indoor and outdoor games. An atmosphere of competitiveness and team spirit fills the campus from the graduate offices to the YMCA.

Sophomore Marissa Barber, member of SAB, was the one in charge of the YMCA night for Olympiad.

Water polo, inner tube tug of war, aquatic spoons and synchronized swimming were the events of the night, and she oversaw all the logistics, making sure that things ran smoothly. Barber contacted the Y weeks before the event took place, and the Y happily offered to help with moving bleachers and providing them with tables and chairs.

“They see it coming because it happens every year, and they kind of know,” Barber said. “They were very helpful.”

Barber thinks that the event that attracts the most attention for the night — and for the entire weekend — is synchro, and senior Kendra McKinley agrees.

As a member of the mint team, she helped choreograph the team dance.

“When I got the song, it was like less than 24 hours later that we pretty much had the whole dance done — at least, I did,” McKinley said. “So then, we started to learn it, and it took us around four days.”

They started practicing Wednesday night, a week and a half before the event took place. They had practices at five in the morning and 11 at night after that every day.

“I have never choreographed a dance that I wasn’t in, so I wasn’t really sure how I would feel about that because I like dancing,” McKinley said. “But once I started to teach them, it was so fun, and our group was the most amazing people that could’ve been on a team.”

After the performance was done, the mint team went on to place third in the event, losing to the gold team, but overall, they still felt proud of their performance.

“I think is a fun thing to do and a fun thing to watch.” Said Barber about Synchro and aquatic sports in Olympiad.