Whether he’s on air or just hanging out, Jacob Osborn is always shining a light on whoever’s listening to him.

Osborn has been into radio broadcasting ever since he worked with a radio station in high school. Since then, he has pursued broadcasting here at HU and loves to bring what he learned from high school to the Forester radio station.

“I went to Huntington North High school where they have a radio station,” Osborn says. “It was pretty great there. Taking what I’ve learned from the radio station in high school, I have now implemented it into the college radio station.”

These skills have given Osborn a new platform for his voice. By using just his speech, Osborn aims to break the stereotype of disabled people.

“I enjoy changing people’s misconceptions about disabilities,” Osborn says. “Just hearing my voice, you can’t tell that I’m in a wheelchair. With the radio, you can’t tell the misconceptions, and through life, through me talking to you or someone else,  I ease those misconceptions.”

Along with the goal of ending common stereotypes, Osborn strives to build a connection between him and his viewers through his voice as well.

“I can listen to the music with the listener and either talk about that or talk about something different and use my voice to help people,” he says. “I love being connected to people through the radio because I can’t see their face. I don’t know who I’m talking to, but I do know that there is someone listening.”

And for whoever is listening, Osborn makes it his goal to brighten their day by “spreading the light,” as Osborn put it.

This is exactly what he plans to do. Osborn’s biggest goal in being a radio DJ is to bring joy to his audience. He’s dedicated to putting a smile on everyone’s face who listens.

“I want to brighten everyone’s day, to make a difference in people’s day, to make difference in HU’s community and make a difference in the world,” Osborn says. “That’s why I’m here. I want to make a difference. I want to make change. I don’t care about money; I care about relationships, I care about you — I care about everyone.”