You know that moment when you’re hurrying to class, but you’re hungry and don’t have enough time to hit the DC? Well, you can always grab a muffin instead. Every day, the HUB offers a variety of muffins, and everyone loves them (or should love them). Do you ever want to try something new? If not, it’s understandable, but if so, this article will summarize the flavors of the muffins, so you can taste any that sound good without having to waste a meal swipe.

The first is the chocolate chip muffin. Not much needs to be stated here because of its fame is already well-established. If you even remotely like chocolate, I would recommend trying the chocolate chip muffins if you haven’t already. You will not regret it.

If you are a chocolate lover, then there are also the chocolate and double chocolate muffins. The chocolate is quite dry by itself, so I would recommend milk or some other beverage while eating it. The double chocolate lives up to its name very well. It is very delicious and very sweet like a cupcake. If you love desserts for breakfast, then the double chocolate muffin is the one for you.

Next are the blueberry chocolate chip and raspberry chocolate chip muffins. These are very delicious. You can taste the individual chocolate chips and fruit bits. Sometimes, I think the flavors of the blueberries and raspberries are a bit too strong by themselves, but the chocolate chips even out the flavor even more, which makes the muffin much more enjoyable overall.

The raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, and strawberry muffins all have fresh ingredients in them. If you love fruits, then these are definitely the ones to try. They have actual fruit chunks in the muffin not just the flavoring. Even if you aren’t a fan of the actual berries, the muffin itself carries the flavoring of the fruit but a more subdued version, so you can still love them. The cranberry muffin tasted similar to Fruity Pebbles, which was unique but also unexpectedly good.

The S’mores muffin was delicious, but the graham crackers were very messy. If you are bringing your muffin to class, be careful with this one. It is totally worth it though because it tastes like an actual s’more. It is especially good when it is warm and fresh from the oven.

To my surprise, the banana nut muffin I tried had a very consistent moist texture. It was perfectly soft throughout. The muffin itself was pleasant, and the ingredients were not overwhelming but complemented the muffin well.

I was told by a good majority of people that the apple crisp muffin was even better than the chocolate chip muffin, which was unheard of. Its flavors complemented each other very well, making it the best muffin ever There were little chunks of apple in it, as well as a cinnamon covering.

There are many other muffins that have not been mentioned in this article, so if you ever find yourself craving a muffin, know that that there are a large number from which to choose. If you ever venture beyond your typical muffin, I hope you find one you enjoy.