Do you want to make America great again? Do you wish President Trump would conveniently be shot into space by his proposed “United States Space Force? Good news: you can hold these types of views and still be a Christian!

Far too often, Christianity is associated with conservatism or liberalism. Social media is littered with Christians shooting insults to people on the opposing side while almost simultaneously posting Bible verses. Just the other day, one of my friends who happens to be a former leader in the church posted two statuses, six hours apart, that said the following:

I don’t think I need to explain why this seems so hypocritical.

Obviously, this behavior can come from any side. People have become so polarized that they fail to remember that their brothers and sisters in Christ might not agree with them about some political issues. They either forget or don’t care that their Christian friends will undoubtedly not appreciate being demonized.

The important thing to remember is that Jesus wasn’t a conservative or a liberal or a libertarian or an authoritarian. Jesus didn’t vote for Trump, and he doesn’t love you more because you shared a post shaming the Republicans that supported Trump.

When Christians attach their Christianity to their political party, they are making a grave mistake. As Christians, our allegiance is to Jesus, not to the Democrats or the Green Party or the GOP. As Christians, our job is not to delight in sharing our own opinions for the selfish end of feeling superior. Our job is to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. In this, there is no room for spewing hate. There is no room for unloving corrections. There is no room for being less patient with others than we are with ourselves because we know that God is working on everyone in His perfect time. There is no room for any of us to think of a particular party as the “Christian” party.

If you care deeply about people, you probably have some deep opinions about political issues. And some of your opinions might be closer to the moral truths than the opinions of your friends or your enemies. You can lovingly share your thoughts with people, and you can try to learn how to be better people together, but you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that your politics are as fundamental as your Christian faith. Your allegiance isn’t to a flag or a party — but to Jesus.