The Supreme Court is our highest-ranking court in the American justice system, holding nine seats meant for the most level-headed and trustworthy judges, who must be voted in to serve. Being sworn in as a Supreme Court judge is a high honor — an honor that controversial Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh recently received.

When news of his nomination first broke, psychology professor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh over alleged events that occurred in their high school years. The hearing was publicly broadcasted and became the topic of a lot of political debate throughout the country.

After the hearing, most people agreed that Ford was very compelling in her testimony (in which she gave a detailed account of the most traumatic experience of her life) while Kavanaugh was less than charming. During questioning, the Supreme Court nominee dodged questions, misrepresented facts, and acted belligerent toward the panel on numerous occasions. When asked if he would support an FBI investigation into the alleged assault, Kavanaugh refused to give a clear answer, only saying he would support whatever his party decided to do.

Because the alleged assault took place decades ago, doubts were raised as to whether we would ever have a clear answer, and because only two people were called to testify, the hearing was a case of he-said, she-said. This fueled the claim that the entire allegation was a smear job perpetrated by Democrats to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation, which is a dangerously baseless “conspiracy theory” claim that has no place in an honest court hearing.

If we cannot confirm that the claims made by Ford are correct, then we can at least confirm that Kavanaugh lacks the composure and integrity that it takes to serve as a Supreme Court judge.