As we dive into a new year at Huntington University, we get the opportunity to meet new people as well as reconnect with others. I’m happy to say that I had the opportunity to experience this both ways, as I met someone new who was reconnecting himself with others. That individual was Daron Short. Short is an alumnus of Huntington University who graduated in 2007. Short realized that he had a passion for photography when he would take photos of clouds and nature in high school. That passion is what drove him towards his career in photography and documenting stories from around the world. While he was visiting at Huntington University, I had the chance to interview him about his profession and about what led him to be a photographer. Our interviews is as follows.

Q: What made you interested in photography?                       

A: I was into the arts and grew up drawing. I took a couple of photography classes in high school. I bought a film camera the year after I graduated high school and just started shooting clouds and experimenting and learning as much as I could.

Q: What do you enjoy most about photography?

A: I like to use photography as a way to more deeply engage with an experience. It’s one thing to be on an adventure somewhere documenting something, but to have a camera as a tool to further engage with that experience or environment is something that I strive to do.

(After listening to these responses, I decided to ask one of my favorite questions.)

Q: Who, or what, has been your biggest influence when it comes to art?

A: There are so many great photographers. When I was a student here, my photo professor was Andrew D., and he was just an overall artistic influence in my life.

Q: Is there any advice you would like to give to anyone interested in pursuing a career in photography?

A: Yeah, I think being willing to get uncomfortable is a big thing and being willing to subject yourself to the elements: to awkward situations, to challenging situations, and being comfortable with that. Not letting that deter you from engaging or pursuing, and to allow it to form you and shape your perspective.

Daron Short’s photography will be displayed in the Robert E. Wilson Gallery in the MCA building through November 5, 2018.