Huntington University is one of the leading private schools in Indiana, known for its tight-knit community and strong connection to the Church. The freshman class this year is one of the largest that the university has ever had, making us ask the question: Why Huntington?

The process of choosing what schools to apply to and, eventually, what school to commit to is a vigorous and exhausting one. Knowing what type of school you want and what type of campus you want to call home is important when deciding where you want to spend these four years.

For freshman Rebekah Karp, it was the successful and growing film program that brought her here.

“I chose Huntington because of the film program,” she said, “and also because it’s a small private school. There aren’t as many people as my high school.”

Freshman Shaleea Shafer chose to attend HU for similar reasons. While the occupational therapy program initially attracted her, she was ultimately swayed by the university’s commitment to God.

“I chose Huntington because it’s the Christian University I was looking for,” she said, “and it has a really great occupational therapy program. When I visited, I just fell in love with it.”

The rigorous and acclaimed programs that Huntington offers may be what catch students’ attention, but HU’s unique, heartfelt community experience sets it apart from anywhere else.