The baseball alumni game is coming up on October 6, and the HU baseball team has a lot in store that will make you want to attend. Current players will be squaring off against any former Huntington baseball players who will return and play ball again at Forest Glen Park. It will give past and future players the opportunity to share their experiences and reminisce.

The game will be exciting for other reasons, though, since many past HU baseball coaches will be present.

“We get to play against coach Thad,” junior Donovan Clark said. “It’s fun talking smack to one another during the game because we’re very competitive. We also get a chance to play coach Losekamp and coach Roser.”

The coaches attended Huntington, making the game extra excited to be a part of.

The game will also feature some awards that will be handed out. The batting title will be awarded to Daniel Lichty, who displayed a great showing last season for hitting .374 in 32 games and collecting six extra-base hits, one home run, and 15 RBIs. Clark will also be honored for stealing the most bases in a single season at HU with 33.

“It’s amazing with everyone just binding to me,” Clark said. “I didn’t have that many stolen bases after the first ten games, so with coach trusting me to achieve that is amazing.”

Perhaps Donovan can compete with that record again and break it for the Foresters this season.

Around 40 players will return from last season for the alumni game, arousing excitement from many upperclassmen on the team.

“I’m most excited about seeing all of the returning players I’ve made connections with and see what is new in their lives,” senior outfielder Adrian Perez said.