What do you get when you mix three dudes, tuxedos, and Gatorade? That’s right—the Dry Gentleman, a quaint but energetic social club and bar on Wright third. It was founded in the goofy and sporadic humor of three best friends: Jacob Salsbury, James Newton and Nathanial Fosnough.
When hearing the word “bar,” most would instantly think “alcohol” and “bad bartender jokes.” But the Dry Gentleman is a fully non-alcoholic Gatorade bar consisting of happiness, humor and the quenching of thirst.
The three seniors use a variety of Gatorade flavors to create an eye-catching menu, which presents many different cocktails and mixtures, such as Fosnough’s personal favorite: Crisp Lagoon, a mix of artic blitz and cool blue Gatorade. The three friends leave the door open for the community as they create original drinks and give each one a fresh nickname.
“The community aspect was an explicit goal,” Fosnough said.
The three gentlemen have indeed reached their goal of creating a community. During its first two events, the Dry Gentleman brought in a wide variety of people from around campus.
“It brings people from all over campus together and helps people make new friends,” said Wright third resident Ryan Londini, who has been to both events. “The guys do a good job.”
To draw more people in, Salsbury, Newton and Fosnough commit to bringing their characters to life. Acting as bartenders, the three gentlemen mix and serve drinks, set the atmosphere, and even hire security.
“We put on our personalities for the night,” Salsbury said.
“We’re your waiters, we’re your bartenders—we’re whatever you need us to be,” Fosnough added.
The Dry Gentleman is exactly what it was intended to be: a community-builder. HU is a campus rich in community, and the Dry Gentleman only adds to the greatness of that. By applying their quirky and silly personalities, Newton, Salsbury and Fosnough will always provide a friendly, fun-filled experience for anyone who attends the Dry Gentleman.