Arguably one of the greatest sounds on earth is that of a choir in perfect harmony with one another. The up and coming HU Acabellas have decided to conquer that sound and revolutionize the acapella world.

Paris Dirschel, a sophomore at Huntington University, started this group a few short weeks ago after remembering how enjoyable the HU Treblemakers concerts were. Both Dirschel and Elizabeth Hancock, a fellow sophomore, saw the fun that the Treblemakers where having and wondered why there was not a group for girls, so they decided to go ahead and start one.

“I’ve always loved singing, even just from the radio,” Dirschel said. “I’ve never been in an acapella group before, but I’ve always thought it would be fun. I have done some through choir and have really enjoyed it.”

Dirschel wants the group to be a big family of girls supporting and growing together while using the talents God has graced them with.

“The most rewarding part of the group is the community that we’re developing,” she said. “It means a lot to have such talented and dedicated girls singing and having fun together.”

Dirschel hopes to see the group become a legacy here on campus.

“I’d love for younger students to continue it after we graduate, to keep it fun and glorify God through singing,” she said.

She hopes that this will become a great outlet for girls to share their talent and to grow together as sisters in Christ. Dirschel and Hancock set out to create a welcoming group to showcase the wonderful talent of HU, and they accomplished just that.

Make sure you go and support our wonderful HU Acabellas!